Friday, February 5, 2016

Something to think about…

“It is an annoying inconvenience that children differ one from another, and that each child herself or himself significantly "changes" from year to year, indeed month to month. Every attentive parent knows this. No stretch of the typical human's years is fraught with so much churning as adolescence. School policy must both honor this (these roiling kids are wonderfully teachable and deserve the demanding best) and guard against premature or rigid characterizations of students (pigeonholing by superficial assessment). To pretend that every child of a certain age or grade can perform in a consistent manner in a single assessment device is to deny reality - as well as decades of serious research.” (Sizer, 2001)

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  1. So true. You have to watch the YouTube video, "Education Today and Tomorrow." It is worth the 3 or so minutes and is so accurate in how it assesses the world today and how education has to meet today's technological world and its students.